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01/04/2014 · Vaginal discharge is most often a normal and regular occurrence. However, there are certain types of discharge that can indicate an infection. Abnormal discharge may be yellow or green, chunky in consistency, or foul smelling. Yeast or a bacterial infection usually causes abnormal discharge. If you. Answers from trusted physicians on chunky brown discharge. First: Sounds like bacterial vaginosis or trichomonal vaginal infection. If no odor or itching, try high dose probiotics which may help bv. If persists see your doctor may need Flagyl after checking specimen. Baby Med indicates a dark brown or black vaginal discharge may occur six to 12 days after fertilization of an egg when the embryo attaches to the uterine lining. This is known as implantation. Rich in blood, this lining is shed once a month if fertilization does not occur. Dark brown discharge with or without smell may be cause due to bacterial infections like yeast or chlamydia. Since, after the hysterectomy, the immune system gets weakened, these microorganisms can take over and lead to infections. Sometimes, dark brown discharge can also be a symptom of HPV human papilloma virus or UTI urinary tract infection. 31/07/2018 · If your dark discharge comes on suddenly and you're not on hormonal birth control, it could be a sign of something more serious. “Irregular bleeding or spotting could be a sign of an issue related to early pregnancy, such as miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, so if it’s possible you might be pregnant, it’s important to see your doctor as soon as possible,” says Berens.

Brown Stringy Discharge: Possible Causes. Previously we found out, that brown discharge is absolutely normal only at the beginning of your menstruation or right after it. If dark stretchy vaginal secretions appear in the middle of the cycle, they can be caused by various health problems, body age transformations or changes in hormone levels. 1. 24/05/2018 · Brown discharge before a period is usually harmless, and there are many possible reasons for it. Sometimes, it can be an early indication of pregnancy or perimenopause. Less commonly, it could be a sign of an underlying condition. This article explores the causes of brown discharge. Should I be worried about my stringy brown discharge before period? No. It is an early pregnancy sign and goes away in a few hours or days. What causes brown mucus discharge before period? Brown mucus discharge that occurs before your period is due to pregnancy. It is simply blood mixed with discharge from implantation.

Dark red chunky discharge Chunky red discharge miscarriage All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical advice. You should always speak with. In any case, while the discharge appears shortly after your period, you don’t need to worry. You should start to worry about it if the dark-colored discharge sticks around for more than a few days. In that case, something else, probably more severe, is likely the cause of your black secretion. 4 – Retained menses. Ear discharge is fluid located in the ear that can have many different characteristics. While earwax is an expected and healthy ear discharge, abnormal fluid in the ear can be caused by an ear infection affecting either the inner or middle ear, or trauma from a foreign body within the ear. Read below for more information on ear discharge and.

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